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What kind of game is this?

Don't tell me you don't now what kind of game FROGGER is.

You really need to know?

Well if you are going to be that serious about it, I will try to explain it to you. YOU, the player, resemble a frog () (thats probably one of the reasons why it's called FROGGER in the first place). You start off at the bottom of the screen and try to reach the top of the screen. At the top there are some houses, or what ever you want to call them. They are the places you've got to reach. The way to the top is barred with some obstacles, moving obstacles. The screen can be devided into two sections, the bottom half and the top half. (well not exactly halves, but it would be stupid to say first section is 1/10, the second 4/10, the third again 1/10 ... and so on) You start off at the border of a heavily traffic'ed freeway. There are several lanes the frog has to pass without being overrun by a car. Usually there are 5 lanes (never seen a freeway with 5 lanes). There usually are several types of cars( ), ranging from a bike up to a heavy trucks. You shouldn't be concerned what type of car it is or who is driving it, you are concerned with crossing the street without beeing overrun. The freeway is really fantastic (once you start thinking about it), 'cause the direction the traffic-participants are heading changes every other lane! Naturally they are moving with different speed-factors, although their speed is allways constant (who would use his breaks for a frog!?!).
Once having passed the freeway the frog may rest a bit (in the early stages of the game anyway), there happens to be some sort of green path in between the two halves of the gamescreen (thats what I ment... not exactly halves, because it's very difficult to have something of one entity in between two halves of exactly that entity...). For now the frog may catch his breath and look forward to the dangers that lie ahead. But beware, don't rest to long, death may come to you in more than one disguise,...
Well, I didn't mention it before, so I'll do it now, you see, there is this timelimit. If Frog is not home within a certain time he is going to die due to sickness and decay...
The game strategy reverses from this stage. Up to this point Frog had to avoid all moving objects. From now on the only way to his home is by using certain things that move. Now he MUST touch the moving things. As everybody knows frogs are amphibious animals, so it's well and proper that the second part of the game has some relation to water. As a matter of fact Frog must cross a river. That's a tricky part, I never quite figured out why he can't just swim across to his home? In my humble opinion (IMHO ;-)) there are just two possibilities:

  • Frog is to young and has not yet learned how to swim (and/or the current is to strong)
  • The river is heavily polluted by some big bad industries and even the mere touch brings death to every creature (that is green and small, and no young aligator)
    Anyway, Frog must get across the river, and he must not touch the water. Lucky him, there are many things floating in the river that he can jump onto. The river, like the freeway, is divided into several bands. (band <-> lane) Chance has it that the current changes every other band (negating science). Things that can be jumped onto (not meaning instant death):
  • small log ()
  • girl () (allways on small log)
  • long log ()
  • turtle () (not diving)
  • aligator () (not on opened mouth)
  • home () (not occupied)(not moving)

    Frog must reach his home, which is allocated at the top of the screen. There usually are five homes per level. Once a home is occupied it may not be entered again (at that level). Trying to move to a occupied home means instant death. The hardest home to reach is usually the furthest one to the left or right (depending on the current of the river).
    The river part of the screen is a little bit more sophisticated than the freeway part. There are some bonuses that can be collected, and there are some dangers that one wouldn't anticipate right from the start.
    As I mentioned before the path between the freeway and the river is used to catch frogs breath, but only in the early stages of the game. At higher levels there may be a snake (or two)() travelling along that path. Touching the snakes head means instant death.
    The first river band is usually occupied by small logs. Sometimes there is a female frog on one of them (female frogs, as everyone should know, are pink ()). Touching (that means jumping on her 8^)) earnes some bonus points.
    On the second and fourth band one can most often find turtles. Turtles are quite harmless and can be used as logs, as long as they don't start diving. Some (not all of them) have the annoying habbit to dive to the ground of the river. If that happens while Frog is using them as a boat, he will soon get into some deadly trouble...
    The third band is most often occupied by long logs. On these there too may be snakes (two snakes on one log is pretty tough going for a frog...). The fifth and last band is home of small logs. Sometimes one can find small logs that look different. After a while one may notice that these other logs have a mouths. Some people don't call them logs, they call them aligators. Anyway they too may be used the same way as logs, just don't you think about touching an opened aligator-mouth...

    The last and probably most important part of the gamescreen is the area of the homes. Each of the five homes has to be occupied. After doing that the game advances to the next (harder) level. The homes are usually empty. But once in a while a fly may appear for a short period of time. If Frog enters a home with a fly the player earns some bonus points. Sometimes aligators are seen swimming within a home. As long as it is not fully seen Frog may still enter his home, but once the aligators mouth is fully visible Frog had better move on to the next home.
    Last thing not mentioned: Rumor has it that there is one other enemy within the river area. A brownish looking thing that swims... that picks poor, innocent frogs of the edge of floating things...
    End of instruction

    The arcade game is licenced by SEGA.
    Some video console versions were published by PARKER.
    MILTON BRADLEY published a boardgame named FROGGER.
    LINDY published a LCD handheld game.
    Someone forgotten?

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