On this page you will find my own version of this great classic game!

OS needed...........: MS DOS (and the like)
Sound...............: I'm using MODOBJ of Mark J. COX 
                      better switch sound of while running windows
                      don't expact anything spectacular its OLD
Grafics mode........: 320x400 (modeX)
Graphics interface..: Own design (inspired by PC INTERN, Data Becker)
                      very slow, but sufficient for Pacman
Processor needed....: 286 
Language............: C, assembler (dirty)
Input/Output........: Keyboard (own handling, might get in trouble with
                      multitasking OS's)
                      Joystick (own design), not auto calibrating
Sourcecode..........: provided, just download it, but better get some
                      aspirins too, it'll give you an headache...
                      (I'm a registered owner of MODOBJ, I'm NOT
                       supposed to give away a registered version of it.
                       I've tried 3 times to get in contact with Mark 
                       J. Cox, I can't reach him. I want to give away 
                       the whole package, since his library is really 
                       sort of ancient, and there are way better once 
                       available for free (sort of free) like MIDAS 
                       sound system I think nobody in his right mind
                       should have anything against distributing it for 
                       free as well. SO-> With the sourcecode I do 
                       give away my registered version. 
                       Mark if you are still out there say something 
                       to me!!! Is that allright with you? If not I will 
                       immediately withdraw your library from the package 
                       (and finaly use MIDAS with this game too...))

Some screenshots, for the people still reading...
(The game runs in a X-MODE, the screens resolution is: 320x400, that means the pixels have a different size from what the usual PC user is used to(use use use...). Because of that the game's screenshot do not look exactly like the game. The pixels are all there, but their size is different. When you look at them keep in mind that, for example, the 'Pacman in action' screenshot fits exactly on your monitor, there are no borders to the left and/or right)

The above picture shows the entry screen. Every level has one like it. The player can get some information about the coming level. The speed of Pacman and of the ghost, how long they stay frightened, is it worth to pick up the bonus? ... and so on...

Another screenshot showing Pacman in action...


PACMAN.EXE 416.574 bytes
Way back to the roots
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