The Game

JPortal simulates a trading card game. Two player games are supported. There can be either 1 or 2 computer players and at the moment a maximum of one human player.

The game is extendable to support new cards via scripting funcionality.

The AI is also extendable by scripting.

The idea of the game is based on the old Magic the Gathering (TM) starter packages: Portal.

At the moment all Portal cards (and only the Portal cards) are supported.

The oridginal grafics are not provided with the distribution, since they are copyrighted. But the grafics of the original portal cards can be imported in game by using an import functionality which connects to the official Magic The Gathering database: Gatherer

If you donĀ“t want to import the garfics you can use the installed default ones, as seen within this help. But there are only pictures per category available - so every creature/sorcery... of one color looks the same.

For a quick start into the game go to the section Get Started.